On the third Thursday in December, we’ll be hosting our annual xmas meal at the club. The club will contribute £5 per head to order food, and there will lots of boardgames and social merriment.

Attendees from both the Thursday and Monday sessions are all welcome!

This is an 8 week rotation that runs from 06.10.2016 until 24.11.2016.

Game 1

D&D: 5th – Caravan Into the North

GM: Dav

The city of Baldur’s Gate sprawls around you as you wait in the caravan market located in outer city. To the west and rising up above the rest is the main walled upper city, where the rich and decadent via for space in the most sought over real estate in the Sword Coast. To the east the district know locally as Little Calimshan, a cramped shanty town hidden of shacks built upon shacks housing Calimshan refugees, hidden behind its own wooden wall to protect themselves from overly prejudiced Baldarians.

You have heard of the caravan master that you hope to join up with, a dwarf by the name of Sador Farwalker. The general consensus in the Tavern you stayed in last evening was that he was trusted and reliable. Word was that he frequently brings his six wagon caravan through Baldur’s Gate on what most believe to be trips from Amn up the Coast Way, through the city and then onwards to Waterdeep.

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Game 2

Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

GM: Andy

A decade ago, a band of occult investigators battled against the summoning of an ancient and monstrous evil.

They failed.

Now, you must piece together what went wrong. Investigate ancient crypts, abandoned estates, and festering slums. Explore unknown locales and the crushed psyches of your predecessors. Follow in their footprints and make new ones of your own. This time, there won’t be another chance.

The world is yours to save… or lose.

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Game 3

Shadows Of Esteren: The Gathering Storm

GM: Phill

Esteren is a dark. low fantasy setting where the heroes are everyday folk thrown together by chance who become embroiled in power struggles between the various kingdoms and factions in Esteren. In the first adventure, our heroes investigated strange happenings at the ruins of a factory devoted to strange alchemical science, lost their memories, found themselves drifting in and out of dreams before finally having to choose sides between the ghost of a mad but well intentioned scientist and a murderous, religious zealot who wants only the best for his people.

This adventure begins with one of the party waking up next to a corpse with no memory of how he got there. Can his companions rally round to defend him against charges of murder? Or will a whole new tale be told in the lands of Esteren.

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This is a 5 week rotation that runs from 01.09.2016 until 29.09.2016.

Game 1

Morgue’s Ville

GM: Morgan

It’s cold and far too dark, any why the fucking headache! You just want to lay here under the covers and never get up again. Except your cold, and man this table is like ice, and it’s too hard, what the-

It’s metal, and it’s cold and dark. Wait is it cold, or are you cold -this is going to be important later.

Scrambling up, it’s bad, it’s a nightmare. Your on tiled floor, you don’t feel right, and the sound, the sound is off. There are other tables around you, other shapes and sheets. The room has raised sides, leading up to what looks like an observation gallery, like the type you get in old school medical Victorian dramas. You’d kill for a phone right now. The sound, it’s not right..

You’ve never known an absence of sound could be so terrifying, your heart, your heart beat where is it.

You hear footsteps, a suited man is walking down the old steps of the gallery carrying a clipboard, with a gun at his hip.

“Now, this next part may become a little bit hard for you to understand, and no, nothing is ever going to be alright ever again. You’re in a disused part of Bart’s hospital in London, that pain your experiencing is from the Autopsy, and, well i’m afraid dear chap, you are quite dead”

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Game 2

D&D 5th: Adventures In The Sword Coast

GM: Pete

Lankre, a small village on the river Rauvin was a quiet place, seldom visited by travelers save the odd merchant.
It is in the villages sole pub The Smoking Bear Arms we find the regulars gathering around a warm hearth after a hard days toil.
The largest, a miner by the name of Garbon speaks first “Ere, you lot seen the board? Seems some rich snob from the West has got imself lost in the woods”.
Cailin, the young tailor replies “Who hasn’t? A reward like that is rare in these parts, seems hes some sort of map maker”.
“Hmm, even that much isn’t worth tangling with the elves, no offense Cail.” Haughton, the apprentice carpenter retorts. “Besides did you hear what Dylan said about Orcs near the groves.”
Darbon stands and gesticulates wildly “Orcs?! no bloody orcs ave been seen round here in ages… old Dylan’s eyes must be going”.
The gravelly voice of the smith, Duncan comments “Its his hearing thats the trouble, hes sees just fine. Has anyone heard from Milena? I heard she’s been ill.”
Cailin looks down before stating “The Halfling waitress? Oh, you mean you didn’t know? She passed late yesterday”
Levie, the village fool suddenly interjects from the corner “Hang on, if he does maps then how’d he get lost?”
Silence prevails.

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Game 3


GM: Phill

This is the game by Greg Stafford that is designed as a knights in the time of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. Its about jousting, faeries, courtly pursuits, marriage, birth of sons, hunting and killing of those filthy Saxons.

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The 2016 AGM will be happening on July 7th, right before we start a new rotation. This is your opportunity to put yourself forward, should you wish a committee position or to just have an influence over what’s happening with the club for the year ahead.