This is a 9 week rotation that runs from 05.05.2016 until 30.06.2016.

Game 1


GM: Phill

The labyrinth, the vastness of the universe. As part of the mighty Corvo, the proud Iz’kal, the feral Raag or the as versatile Humans, players will take part in amazing stories all around the universe. During those stories they will explore the Labyrinth in search of new worlds, found new colonies, fight in the power struggle between the Corvo and the Iz’kal and their Gods, or stand by waiting to enjoy the spoils.

Faith is the new RPG with boardgame overtones and luck management gameplay where each player has a deck of cards to determine their own destiny. Decide that not much is at stake, play the low cards. Want to succeed at all costs, play the court cards. This is a game about storytelling how you want to, not about letting the dice decide.
All of the artwork is in front of the players to evoke the feel and emotion of the settings and players will become immersed in the characters, the story and the setting.

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Game 2

Broken Rooms

GM: John

Broken Rooms is a modern day setting where players are able to travel between 13 different variants of Earth, all except ours are suffering the aftermath or currently undergoing a massive extinction level event. Zombie outbreaks, ghosts, meteors, mass disappearances, alien invasions are just some of the things the players have encountered whilst working for The Regency Group – a shadowy organisation that seems to be looking to protect the inhabitants of the alternate earths…

More Info for Broken Rooms.

Game 3

Savage Worlds: Rimfall

GM: Stuart

Rimfall is a geographically constrained (post apocalyptic ish) fantasy built on traditional tropes. The idea is that a cataclysm opened up a ‘bottomless’ rift across the middle of a desert. A Nile-like river that once ran across the desert to the sea now only gets half way before plunging into the rift. A small town, called Rimfall, has developed at the place where the river pours into the rift. The rift itself is a place of horror and wonder; a classic mega dungeon that we never really explored in the writing. People now travel to Rimfall to investigate the rift in the hope of getting rich. Others come looking for knowledge or to stem the tide of evil that, they perceive, is coming out of the rift. The setting was pretty low fantasy and built on the concept of a gold rush town. Kind of like Deadwood with swords.

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Due to the way easter falls this year, so that we don’t miss out on our two regular nights of boardgaming a month, the Monday night club will run on the 7th and 21st of March. Same time, same place.

The regular schedule will commence again in April.

This is a 9 week rotation that runs from 03.03.2016 until 28.04.2016.

Game 1


GM: John

Fun and games in The Verse. A continuation from the 2014 game that welcomes new and returning players starting off with a fresh new adventure.

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Game 2

Dragon Age

GM: Paul

A brand new foray into the world of Dragon Age.

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Game 3

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

GM: Pete

Wanted: a band of miscreants, smugglers and people trying to make ends meet in the midst of a civil war.

The Campaign will start in the Honsul System, where discovery of a new source of valuable Nova crystals on the icy planet Honsul 3 have caused a frenzy, as entrepreneurial miners and traders attempt to smash and grab what they can before the Cam Guild of Mining or imperial fleet arrives to lock down the mines for themselves.

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Game 4

D&D – 5th Edition – Sword Coast

GM: Dav

Club Campaign set in the Sword Coast; designed for starting level characters.

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This is a 8 week rotation that runs from 07.01.2016 until 25.02.2016.

Game 1

Delta Green

GM: Dav

X-Files meets Call of Cthulhu.

Game 2

One Ring

GM: Phil

Lord of the Rings!

More Info for The One Ring.

Game 3

Legend of the Five Rings: The Shape of a Soul.

GM: Adrian

The fictional setting of Legend of the Five Rings is similar to feudal Japan, though it also includes heavy influence from various other Asian cultures, as well as magic and mythical beasts.

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