I realized today that I had spent the last couple of months roleplaying with a rule book open in front of me. Why was that an unpleasant realisation? Well it because as a GM it bugs me when players sit there with a book open in front of them. Why suddenly had a started doing it myself? Not sure but I certainly plan to stop. It reminded me that it is always worth reminding yourself of the basic stuff, the simple rules that keeps gaming enjoyable. So here is a quick revision list for players and GMs. Nothing earth shattering in here but worth remembering.Continue reading

This is an 8 week rotation that runs from 07.05.2015 until 25.06.2105.

Game 1

Legend Of The Five Rings

GM: Adrian

This will be a game of intrigue, contests, and emnity. There will be prizes to win and rivalry’s to either be established or ended. For these are the games of court.

Previously The group have managed to save the empire from the machinations of a supernatural cult that was trying to unmake reality. Now however it is the winter months and the season of court has begun. Due to some very influential friends that they have made they are actually in the capital this year to win further fame and glory for themselves and their clans. How difficult can it be to prosper there compared to surviving crazed assassins and mythical creatures…

This is a returning game but new people are able to join and are welcomed.

More Info for Legend Of The Five Rings.

Game 2

Broken Rooms

GM: John

On Aug. 13, 2002, 12 worlds diverged from ours, the “ordinary” world during the ‘Divergence Event’ that placed each of the variations on a path toward destruction.

Earth 1 is our world
The Ordinary World

In our world, nothing of significance happened on August 13, 2002, at least nothing on the scale suffered by the rest of the Nearside. Instead, every August 13 since then, every Nearsider has suffered their own personal divergence event, an experience powerful enough to activate part of their brains known as the Hindbrain Anomaly (HbA) and change their lives forever, givng them one of 13 Meridian abilities.

One of these allows Nearsiders to open the door of Broken Rooms.

There are 12 other worlds. Are there 12 other yous? Which you are you playing right now? The you you started with?

Are you sure?

Walk the Nearside. Save the worlds.

Save yourself (selves)


More Info for Broken Rooms.

Game 3

Pendragon Westeros

GM: Phil

Pendragon set in the backdrop of A Game Of Throne’s Westeros.

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Game 4

To be confirmed: player request

GM: Stuart

A fourth game if required for space, game is open to requests for system/setting/theme.

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