This is a 9 week rotation that runs from 03.03.2016 until 28.04.2016.

Game 1


GM: John

Fun and games in The Verse. A continuation from the 2014 game that welcomes new and returning players starting off with a fresh new adventure.

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Game 2

Dragon Age

GM: Paul

A brand new foray into the world of Dragon Age.

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Game 3

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

GM: Pete

Wanted: a band of miscreants, smugglers and people trying to make ends meet in the midst of a civil war.

The Campaign will start in the Honsul System, where discovery of a new source of valuable Nova crystals on the icy planet Honsul 3 have caused a frenzy, as entrepreneurial miners and traders attempt to smash and grab what they can before the Cam Guild of Mining or imperial fleet arrives to lock down the mines for themselves.

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Game 4

D&D – 5th Edition – Sword Coast

GM: Dav

Club Campaign set in the Sword Coast; designed for starting level characters.

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This is a 8 week rotation that runs from 07.01.2016 until 25.02.2016.

Game 1

Delta Green

GM: Dav

X-Files meets Call of Cthulhu.

Game 2

One Ring

GM: Phil

Lord of the Rings!

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Game 3

Legend of the Five Rings: The Shape of a Soul.

GM: Adrian

The fictional setting of Legend of the Five Rings is similar to feudal Japan, though it also includes heavy influence from various other Asian cultures, as well as magic and mythical beasts.

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This is a 3 week rotation that runs from 03.12.2015 until 17.12.2015.

December works a little differently to other months. For the first two weeks we offer a selection of one-shot games to allow players and gm’s to try out a variety of new concepts or stories that are simply not suitable for longer play and offers flexibility at a busy time of the year when attendance may be difficult. On the third week we gather at the club for a social meal and boardgaming evening.

Due to the nature of the schedule in December, which is a lot more flexible and prone to movement, it is best to check our forums for details of what’s happening when as it currently stands. Currently we have many games on offer ranging from Christmas themed Titansgrave to a steampunk inspired alternate universe Gotham game.

This is a 9 week rotation that runs from [01.10.2015] until [26.11.2105].

Game 1

End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

GM: Will P

You play characters based on yourself and try your best to survive an apocalypse as best you can from its start all the way to the post – apocalypse if you’re lucky.

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Game 2


GM: Dan

It was the twenty third century, man kind’s darkest hour. The war had been raging for almost a hundred years; we had been fighting for so long that no-one could remember the reason why it had all started in the first place. All we knew was that there were two sides, the coalition and the alliance. For decades millions died for the same piece of rock, again and again, finally one side managed to gain the upper hand – the coalition. In desperation the alliance launched five sleeper ships; the hope was for them to begin again, far from the war and strife that had befallen earth, to start free from the prejudices that had divided us for so long. Each sleeper ship was christened after its patron nation; the Bretonia, the Rhineland, the Hispania, the Kusari, the Liberty. Against all odds the colony ships broke through the coalition blockage and headed for the Sirius system. That was 800 years ago, when we came here to rebuild our lives. We’ve come a long way since then, we have grown, we have prospered, we have flourished. But we will never forget.

This game will follow the adventures of a group of “Freelance” Fighter Pilots as they try to earn a living in the Sirius Sector.

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Game 3

Thousand Suns

GM: Niall

Thousand Suns was designed to be a generic skill based system, has a simple consistent game mechanism, and is designed to be modular so what isn’t wanted can be easily ignored. It is designed “for running a roleplaying campaign inspired by the classic works of Imperial science fiction.”

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Game 4

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

GM: Stuart

The PCs will form a special forces squad intended to be able to fly to a target, attack from space or the ground, infiltrate or undertake any of a number of different missions. 

Whilst the squad will be receiving objectives from rebel command they will be the primary rebel force deployed in their sector and so will have freedom regarding how they prioritize and pursue their given targets. They will also have the opportunity to identify and undertaken their own missions to their own criteria. The characters will be assigned to a sector of space that is unfamiliar to any of the characters so there will also be an element of exploration.

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