About The Forum

We use our forum to organise our games and arrange events.

Anyone interested in running a game can post up a topic in the GM Games section to explain their idea and find out the level of interest.

A few weeks before a new rotation, a new topic will be created in the Rotation section detailing what games are on offer, and asking people to sign up. Signing up for a game is encouraged, and games do tend to fill up. However you will never be left without a game to play even if you just show up on the night.

We also organise and post details of other events the club may be running, such as the Monday night board game sessions, socials and home games.

How To Register

The forums are closed to new registrations by default to help limit spam. If you would like an account please email us at or see a member of the committee on a Thursday night.


We also have a Facebook Group that the club uses to post news, events, and interesting things we find around the web. Feel free to join and have a chat with us!

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