InSpectres Character Sheet

Recently I ran a rotation of the supernatural detective agency game InSpectres by Jared Sorensen – a more in depth discussion of which will hopefully be soon to come.

Before I started the rotation though I decided to stretch my design fingers and try to come up with a character sheet that was more my cup of tea than the standard one. The standard one has a charm all of it’s own, replicating the theme of the game well by having it appear as a human resources file for the games detective agency.

I didn’t fully abandon that theme; keeping the ID card but making the rest of the sheet a little easier to take in and adding some reference material to help out the players. My plan was to initially create both an Agent Sheet for each player and a Franchise Sheet for the company but running out of time before the first session unfortunately we only have the former. Perhaps I’ll go back and create the Franchise one at a later date. I actually ended up using the Franchise Sheet (and the awesome GM Reference Pack) from Fictive Fantasies in the actual game.

Without further ado here’s the pdf:


(p.s. That Q.R. code totally actually works, and links to the homepage of the game, maybe when I get round to making the Franchise Sheet I’ll update it to link back here)

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