July/August 2016 Rotation

This is a 8 week rotation that runs from 07.07.2016 until 25.08.2016.

Game 1

Freelancer – Season 3

GM: Dan

It was the twenty third century, man kind’s darkest hour. The war had been raging for almost a hundred years; we had been fighting for so long that no-one could remember the reason why it had all started in the first place. All we knew was that there were two sides, the coalition and the alliance. For decades millions died for the same piece of rock, again and again, finally one side managed to gain the upper hand – the coalition. In desperation the alliance launched five sleeper ships; the hope was for them to begin again, far from the war and strife that had befallen earth, to start free from the prejudices that had divided us for so long. Each sleeper ship was christened after its patron nation; the Bretonia, the Rhineland, the Hispania, the Kusari, the Liberty. Against all odds the colony ships broke through the coalition blockage and headed for the Sirius system. That was 800 years ago, when we came here to rebuild our lives. We’ve come a long way since then, we have grown, we have prospered, we have flourished. But we will never forget.

More Info for Freelancer.

Game 2

Victoriana – The Dragon in the Smoke

GM: Dav

A Steam Punk game set in a very alternative Victorian England where the party will be investigating strange happenings. You will be playing a starting level character who will be either a fully fledged member of the Hippalus Society or in someway associated with the group.

More Info for Victoriana.

Game 3

Dungeon World

GM: Lianne

After surviving a brutal shipwreck, your group has washed ashore upon the shores of an unknown island. How will you survive in this brutal, unforgiving territory? What caused the unnatural storm that caused your ship to sink? How lucrative an empire can you build based entirely upon seaweed? Some, none or possibly all of these questions, and more will  be answered as you venture forth.

More Info for Dungeon World.

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