Games Running At RPGS

Our games are run in a one or two month ‘rotation’. This means games normally run for four or five weeks on a one month rotation or 8 to 9 weeks on a two month. This allows our players and GM’s to try out a variety of different games throughout the year.

Although games are at most nine weeks long at a time, this does not mean they have to be limited in scope or story. Repeat rotations are allowed, although most GM’s choose to have a break before bringing back a game for another rotation.

Details of the games running at RPGS can be found on the ‘Rotations‘ section on our forum.

GM’s also post up ideas for games to gauge interest on the ‘GM Games‘ section of our forum. This helps us to schedule games with the least amount of conflicts.

We always have games that are willing to take players, even mid rotation, so please do not be put off if the rotation has already started.